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Camy   Thumwood   is   a   Pet   Safety   &   Disaster   Preparedness   Consultant   which   is   passionate   about   pet   safety education   to   help   all   pet   parents   provide   their   pets   with   a   safer   and   happier   life.   She   is   the   author   of “Guide   to   Pet   Safety   Saving   the   Entire   Family”   Disaster   Preparation   and   Reference   and   is   the   founder   of Pet   Alert.   Pet   Alert   is   a   company   dedicated   to   pet   safety   and   fire   life   safety   education   that   focuses   on safeguarding   first   responders   and   animals   during   911   emergency   situations,   and   offers   the   “only”   all-in- one   Pet   Alert   Emergency   Information   System   kit.   Camy   is   also   a   proud   member   of   Fire,   Safety,   Emergency Mgmt. and Pet Training Organizations such as IAFC, SEAFC, SAFC, CSAF, IAEM, IPAT, PPG, PSG. “Knowledge is power and your pet depends on you and your knowledge, especially in an emergency.”  
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