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Our Stars for Pet Safety
In Remembrance of Our Beloved Mascot "Leo" He was a Star for Pet Safety
Leo   was   an   incredible   and   rare   Flame   Point   Siamese   Rumpie   and   was   the   inspiration   behind   the   Pet Alert    Emergency    Information    System    due    to    his    physical    handicaps    and    need    for    medication    and medical attention to survive after he had undergone two life threatening surgeries. Leo   was   a   very   unusual   cat   with   a   amazing   attitude,   that   seemed   to   understand   everything   one   would say   to   him   and   demonstrated   affection   and   caring   for   all   animals   and   people.   He   also   enjoyed   to   travel in all modes of transportation; cars, planes, trains and his favorite was sailing Our   favorite   picture   of   Leo   (the   oval   shaped   picture   to   the   left)   was   taking   sailing   on   Lake   Pleasant   in   AZ, the others where taken at different events. Leo's favorite spot however, was the fire truck. “Leo   was   our   star   for   pet   safety"   and   traveled   all   over   the   United   States   during   his   career   to   help educate   pet   owners   of   the   problems   and   dangers   for   pets   left   "home   alone"   without   proper   information and the importance to be Pet Alert  wherever your pet is, even when traveling. During   Leo's   10   year   career   he   appeared   in   articles   and   on   several   national   and   local   TV/Cable   stations sharing   our   mission   and   representing   the   importance   of   pet   safety   awareness.   He   also   appeared   with the   fire   dept.      mascot   "Sparky“      and   other   firefighters   at   special   events   and   was   the   mascot   of   the Orange   County   Pet   Safety   Days   in   CA   to   promote   disaster   preparedness   and   pet   first-aid   information.     Now know as Fire and Pet Safety Day in July. Unfortunately   Leo   suffered   with   many   physical   handicaps   during   his   13   year   life,   however   most   people never   knew   the   difficulties   of   them   because   of   his   undying   love   for   life   and   his   courage   to   try   to overcome the limitations God gave him. Leo   had   a   precious   gift,   which   inspired   many   people   to   be   "thankful   for   life   itself   "   and   showed   many   the simple   pleasure   of   expressing   kindness   to   others   could   make   the   difference   for   them   to   keep   on   living and see the rewards that life can bring. Leo passed away in November 2002 and will be remembered by all who knew him as a "little man in a cat’s body", who his veterinarians called the "Miracle Cat". Leo you are missed, sleep well for you deserve it.
In Remembrance of My Best Friend for 15 Years "Red" He was a Star for Pet Safety
Red was an Anatolian Shepherd and my best friend for 15 years.   Red   was   known   to   most,   as   a   really   BIG   dog   (125   lbs)   that   made   friends   everywhere   he   went   and   had   a heart   of   gold.   He   was   a   very   special   friend   to   me   too   and   always   seemed   to   know   when   I   needed   that special nudge or happy smile. In   November   2009   Red   suffered   from   a   stroke   and   passed   away   on   February   15,   2010   peacefully   at   home with his family. Only    because    of    Red’s    stroke    did    I    realize    that    the information   in   the   last   two   chapters   of   the   Guide   to   Pet Safety   where   needed   to   help   pet   owners,   know   how   to realize   if   a   pet   is   in   distress   and   to   know   what   to   do   to quickly   to   help   them   until   they   could   reach   proper   medical care. I   have   dedicated   the   last   two   chapters   of   the   Guide   to   Pet Safety   to   honor   "Red",   since   it   was   his   medical   emergency that   alerted   me   to   share   this   important   knowledge.   My hope   is   that   it   will   help   a   pet   owner   in   crisis   help   their   pet, in the time of need. I   know   Red   will   be   missed   by   all   that   knew   him,   especially me. Red,   I   miss   our   walks   and   playing   fetch   with   your   ball, which   you   loved   so   much.   And   quiet   support   you   give   me while   you   chewed   on   your   big   rawhide   bone   next   to   my desk, and that I miss the most.   Dream   well   my   friend   and   may   the   angels   play   fetch   with you now. With all my Love,  Camy
“Helping to protect the pet you love, everywhere, every day”