We   are   so   pleased   to   be   involved   with   “Pet   Alert”. It   is   a   very   sad   day   when   we   have   to   notify   a family   member   that   their   pet   didn't   make   it   out. A   simple   notification   that   we   are   trained   to   look for   may   have   saved   the   family   member   of   this horror.   Pets   are   definitely   part   of   the   family   and we   as   a   community   must   protect   them.   Please consider    this    valuable    program.    Wayne    Noha, Chief   of   Fire   Operations,   Southside   Fire/EMS and Security, Savannah, GA "I   couldn't   believe   it,   when   I   came   home   and   all   I saw    was    my    house    on    fire!    Fire    trucks    and emergency    personnel    were    everywhere.    But    I didn't   see   "Primo",   our   dog   we   had   for   15   years. When    I    asked    about    our    dog,    none    of    the firefighters   knew   about   him   or   that   we   even   had a   dog.   We   later   found   out   he   died   in   the   fire   from smoke   inhalation.   The   firefighters   apologized   for our   loss   but   they   didn't   know.   I   felt   so   cheated and    sad,    if    only    they    knew    about    my    "Primo" somebody   might   have   saved   him.   I   wished   I   had known   about   Pet   Alert   and   I   encourage   anyone who   owns   a   pet   to   invest   the   small   amount   to get   their   kit   in   the   interest   of   their   little   friends' life." Sincerely, Jackie Lasey of Buena Park, CA. “As    a    public    safety    officer,    an    owner    of    four Labrador   Retrievers   and   a   trainer   of   gun   dogs,   I can    definitely    see    the    benefit    of    this    kit    to anyone   who   owns   a   pet.”   Billy   D.   Reynolds   Sr., Chief      of      Police,      Richmond      Hill      Police Department,   Retired;   Bryan   County   Probate Judge Richmond Hill, GA “The   biggest   benefit   of   the   Pet   Alert   System   is when     the     pet     owners     are     not     present     or incapacitated     and     a     pet     is     involved     in     an emergency   situation.   The   notification   concerning the   pets   and   the   information   of   who   can   assist   is a   tremendous   benefit   in   securing   the   pet,   getting the   treatment   that   may   be   needed   and   putting them   back   in   contact   with   their   owner.”   Ralph Catlett,     Fire     Chief     of     Richmond     Hill     Fire Department, GA As     a     firefighter     for     over     27     years     I     have encountered    pets    under    emergency    conditions many   times   and   have   witnessed   different   types of   pets   getting   injured   or   killed   during   fires   and other    emergencies.    Police    and    Fire    encounter pets     without     owners     frequently     when     it     is necessary    to    enter    a    home.        Pets    similar    to humans     get     very     excited     under     emergency operations   and   under   these   conditions   they   are a   concern   and   may   represent   a   danger   of   animal attacks.   On   site   notification   of   pets   and   where   to get   assistance   from   a   family   member,   friend   or veterinary     will     be     a     tremendous     help     to emergency   operations.   The   Pet   Alert   Emergency Information   System   provides   this   help   by   stating the   amount   and   types   of   pets   and   then   where   to call   for   care   of   the   animal.   The   use   of   Pet   Alert Emergency   Information   System   will   also   reduce anxiety   for   the   pet   and   eliminate   the   unattended pet     being     sent     to     the     local     animal     shelter. Richard     E.     Jorgensen,     Fire     Chief,     Retired       Fountain Valley, CA “Pet   Alert   Emergency   Information   System”   would be    a    huge    benefit    to    helping    first    responders find,   rescue   and   save   pets.   We   recommend   and encourage    pet    owners    to    use    the    Pet    Alert System”.    Fire    Chief    Howell    of    Bryan    County Emergency Services, GA   “As    a    long    term    Fire    Chief    and    member    of Incident    Management    Teams    that    respond    to emergencies   around   the   country,   one   issue   we always   deal   with   is   the   protection   of   pets.   The Pet    Alert    Emergency    Information    System    kit    is the    most    comprehensive    pet    safety    program    I have   ever   seen.   If   all   pet   owners   were   to   use   this kit   first   of   all   it   would   help   to   protect   their   pets, and   secondly   it   would   help   us   to   help   them   in more   ways   than   one.   I   strongly   recommend   the purchase   of   the   Pet   Alert   Emergency   Information System   for   pet   owners,   pets   are   family,   so   plan ahead    for    their    safety."    Don    Howard,    Retired Fire       Chief,       Summit       Fire       and       Medical Department, Flagstaff, AZ Retired “As   an   experienced   veterinarian,   my   clinic   and   I have   seen   the   aftermath   of   these   emergencies; from    fires    and    natural    disasters,    to    owners passing   away   unexpectedly.   I   am   pleased   to   see that   the   Pet   Alert   Emergency   Information   System includes    a    pet    owner’s    “Advance    Pet    Directive” which    covers    these    situations    better    than    any other   system   I   have   been   associated   with.   This directive    is    a    legal    document    that    aids    us    in following   and   carrying   out   the   wishes   of   the   pet owner   and   help   in   protecting   pets   by   providing predesignated      adoption      homes      for      them. Therefore,    the    pets’    future    is    not    dependent upon    their    health,    age,    availability    of    adoptive home      or      animal      shelter      practices.”      Kyle Christiansen, DVM, Cedar Animal Hospital, GA In   my   Fire   Service   career   I   have   witnessed   the death   of   pets   in   house   fires   and   also   the   pain this   loss   brings   to   family   members.   The   Pet   Alert Program   certainly   has   the   potential   to   deal   with this    concern.        Lon    Cahill,    Fire    Chief,    Garden Grove, CA "My    pets    are    now    safer    when    they're    HOME ALONE       thanks       to       Pet       Alert       Emergency Information        System"        God        Bless,        Anita Millhollin, pet owner of Riverside, CA During    29    yrs.    as    a    professional    in    the    fire service,    I    have    encountered    many    pets,    many times    under    emergency    conditions,    and    have witnessed    their    trauma.    As    with    humans    in emergency     conditions,     pets     often     get     very excited   and/or   confused   and   require   special   care from   emergency   workers.   Frequently   emergency workers   encounter   pets   under   these   conditions when   their   owners   are   not   present.   Often   we   are not   aware   pets   are   involved   in   the   emergency until   it   is   too   late   to   prevent   death   or   injury.   On site     notification     about     your     pets     and     the information   as   to   who   can   assist   your   pets   (i.e. family,    friends    or    veterinarian)    would    be    of tremendous   assistance.   One   such   method,   the "PET     ALERT     Emergency     Information     System" provides   this   needed   information   for   emergency responders    on    a    door    knob    hanger.    Edward Rowlett, Fire Chief When   fire   fighters   respond   to   a   structure   fire   or other    emergency    situations,    one    of    the    most important     components     related     to     rescue     is correct     and     adequate     information     regarding occupants.    The    Pet    Alert    System    provides    the needed   information   which   will   assist   us   in   saving the   lives   of   pets,   and   make   proper   notification   to pet   owners   who   are   absent   at   the   time   of   the incident.    Pet    Alert    makes    a    Fire    fighter's    task much   easier   and   safer,   because   with   Pet   Alert   we know   what   to   expect   and   what   to   look   for.   Help us    to    help    your    pet(s)    by    using    the    Pet    Alert System.   G.   John   Parker,      CA   and   IL   Fire   Chief, Retired “We   have   reviewed   the   Pet   Alert   program.   It   is   a great    idea    that    helps    us    do    our    jobs    more efficiently     and     safer.     Pets     can     be     a     very important   part   of   the   family   and   it   saddens   us when     they     are     overlooked.     Your     program conveniently   bridges   this   gap.   Orange   County Firemen's   Association   and   Pomona   Valley   Fire Association, CA "Pet   Alert   can   go   far   to   prevent   the   suffering   of dogs    and    cats    owned    as    companions.    I    hope many   of   our   readers   will   decide   to   promote   the Pet   Alert   System   in   their   communities.   Geoffrey Handy,    Editor,    Shelter    Sense    Newsletter    of the Humane Society of the United States Emergencies    can    cause    pets    to    become    very excited,    emergency    services    workers    need    to give   special   care   to   these   animals.   This   program helps    to    educate    the    emergency    workers    and ultimately    help    the    pets.    Because    owners    are frequently   away,   onsite   notification   of   pets   and where   to   get   assistance   is   a   tremendous   help   to emergency   personnel   The   “Pet   Alert”   notification system   provides   this   help.      Gene   E.   Murry,   Fire Chief City of San Gabriel, CA  
Congratulations    Cameron    on    this    excellent work      in      creating      a      very      user      friendly emergency   reference   pet   manual.      This   is   the most    comprehensive    book    I    have    read    on emergency     care     for     the     “pet     owner”     and certainly     covers     many     types     of     animals concerning    most    pet    emergency    situations and         disaster         evacuation         procedures.                                                                                                              Kyle      Christiansen,      DVM      Cedar      Animal Hospital,  Richmond Hill, GA "This   is   an   excellent   book!   I   highly   recommend to    all    pet    parents    -    you    can    never    be    too prepared."  Pet First Aid & CPR on Facebook In   the   case   of   an   emergency,   fire,   or   disaster, are   you   prepared   for   your   pets   safety?   This book    covers    many    important    issues    in    48 pages    of    text,    photos,    and    illustrations.    The book    has    17    chapters    covering    everything from   pet   evacuation,   vehicle   safety   tips,   first aid,    recognizing    and    properly    dealing    with poisoning,    recognizing    symptoms    of    shock and   distress,   and   much   more.      The   book   is   in an   easy   to   follow   format   and   clearly   written. From   beginning   to   end   I   found   it   chock   full   of very   important   information   that   can   save   pets lives     and     offer     relief     for     very     stressful situations.   The   book   may   not   be   all   flashy   and glitzy    but    it    is    superbly    written.        I    highly recommend    this    book    to    every    pet    owner. Robert Hudson  www.petradioshow.com Every   pet   owner   should   have   a   copy   of   this book,   AND   follow   all   the   suggestions   in   it.   The problem     with     an     accidents     is     that     it     is unpredictable.       The       problem       with       an emergency   is   that   it   requires   rapid   response.   If you   have   absorbed   this   book,   accidents   and emergencies    involving    your    pet    will    be    less traumatic,    and    you    will    be    more    likely    to respond    appropriately.    Katherine    Kane    of City Pet Books and Author "Camy    Thumwood's    ""Guide    to    Pet    Safety"' answers    all    those    scary    "what    if'    questions that   can   paralyse   pet   owners   facing   a   natural or    man-made    disaster    with    a    super-useful series   of   check   lists,   tips   and   safety   reminders in   an   easy      to   use   format.   Instead   of   fearing for   the   safety   of   your   pets,   Camy   empowers you   with   ways   to   take   action.   Every   pet   owner needs    a    copy.''    Gail    Krueger,    Pet    issues columnist for the Savannah Morning News We      keep      this      guide      in      our      lobby      to recommend    to    our    adopters.    Every    animal owner    should    have    this    guide.    If    you    know someone   with   a   pet,   consider   giving   this   as   a gift    or    stocking    stuffer    around    the    holidays. Kerry     Anderson,     Safe     Harbour     Humane Society, Kenosha, WI This   is   a   must   have   reference   for   any   owner   of any   pet   whether   it   is   a   dog,   cat,   bird   or   reptile. Every   household   with   pets   should   have   a   copy of         the         "Guide         To         Pet         Safety”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Keith   Sanderson,   Chicago   Animal   Advocacy Examiner and www.maxapooch.com In   my   25   years   of   training   dogs   professionally, 21   of   which   were   for   law   enforcement,   this   is by   far   the   most   comprehensive   and   easy   to understand   guide   I've   seen   on   the   topic.   The information       provided       is       practical,       and addresses   almost   any   type   of   threat   to   a   pet's safety.   I   especially   appreciate   the   fact   that   it   is written   in   layman   terms,   so   that   anyone   can understand    and    apply    the    many    remedies introduced.              Great              job              Camy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Robert     "Bob"     Olson,     Area     Pet     Training Instructor,  PetSmart Savannah, GA "PAWsome   book!   Should   be   in   the   hands   of   all pet parents."  Pet Lover, Tony Caston Hi Camy, I got the book and its great! I can see how much hard work, love, and passion went into it. I want to promote it on the Clear Conscience Pet Facebook page where pet parents can learn about the book and possibly order it? Anthony Bennie,  Founder  & President Clear Conscience Pet, LLC    Wilton, CT    This    is    a    great    book    that    really    will    make    a difference   in   avoiding   a   tragedy.   Pets   are   so much   a   part   of   our   family,   and   it   makes   sense to   treat   them   as   such   when   planning   for   an emergency.    Safety    never    takes    a    holiday... Thanks! Shawn Weed , Journalist, GA This    book    is    very    thorough    and    informative concerning   your   pet’s   safety   and   well   being. There   is   much   useful   information   for   the   first time    pet    owners    and    the    conscientious    pet owners.      It’s   quite   clear   that   the   author   has   a genuine     concern     about     your     pet’s     safety during      emergencies      and      disasters.      She’s devoted   a   lot   of   time   in   researching   pet   safety, including      many      interviews      with      rescue professionals.   I   have   also   found   information about   basic   health   care   facts   interesting   and useful.          So     when     the     unthinkable     things happen    to    our    pets,    it’s    nice    to    have    an emergency   reference   handbook   handy   to   help us   quickly   make   the   right   decisions   which   may save   the   lives   of   our   pets.      After   purchasing this   book,   you   may   wish   to   buy   another   one for   your   friends   who   love   and   care   for   their pets   as   much   as   you   do.      It’s   a   great   reference book    which    would    make    a    great    gift    too! Thank       you       for       sharing       this       valuable information.      Arden   Kremenak,   Pet   parent, Phoenix, Arizona Your   information   is   very   concise   and   to   the point,    plus    the    directions    are    very    easy    to follow    and    understand.    For    owning    animals for    a    very    long    time,    we    were    pleasantly amazed   how   much   information   listed   in   this book   becomes   a   "new"   knowledge.   This   book is    also    very    helpful    for    non-pet    owners    to inform    and    prepare    individuals    with    every surprises.    Thank    you.    Cengiz    &    Elizabeth Arici Pet lovers, Gross Point Woods, MI “This   is   by   far   the   most   thorough   compilation of   information   I’ve   seen   on   pet   safety.   Kudos to    those    at    PET    ALERT    for    a    tremendous amount    of    work    to    help    pet    owners    have proper   information   ready   and   where   we   can use   it.”   Fire   Chief   Don   Howard,   Summit   Fire Department, Flagstaff, AZ   I    think    it    is    a    wonderful    book    and    is    very informative.   I   wish   I   had   it   several   weeks   ago when   my   little   dog   buddy   was   very   sick.   I   did not   know   what   to   do   with   him   until   I   could   get him   to   the   vet   and   the   office   had   to   tell   me   on the   phone   what   to   do,   luckily   I   got   a   hold   of someone   quickly.   But   your   book   would   have told   me   what   and   how   to   do   it.   I   think   you covered   about   every   animal   possible.   You   sure know   a   lot   about   pet   safety   and   care.   Anyone who   buys   your   book   should   be   very   pleased with    it.    I    will    put    mine    with    our    emergency supplies.   Thanks   for   caring   enough   about   our pets    to    write    it.    Thanks,    Anna    Spence,    pet lover, Richmond Hill, GA Congratulations    on    such    a    great    and    useful book.     I     was     very     excited     about     it     and     I forwarded   this   information   to   a   bunch   of   my pet        owner        friends.        Sincerely,        Diana Hagemann-Milenkovitch, Sedona, AZ I   have   known   and   worked   with   Cameron   for many   years   when   she   was   the   coordinator   for the    Chrysler    AZ    proving    grounds.    Camy    has always   had   a   strong   love   of   animals   and   their welfare.   I   proudly   endorse   Camy's   efforts   to help   pet   owners   be   more   prepared   and   hope pet   owners   take   advantage   of   this   great   book." John Van Deren, Vehicle Engineer, Michigan This   really   is   an   important   topic   that   people don't   give   enough   thought   to   until   its   too   late. Cameron   really   has   done   an   admirable   job   in making   planning   for   avoiding   tragedy   simple and   effective.   Take   action   now   and   save   your pet   before   the   unexpected   happens...Thanks     Jodi Weed, Richmond Hill, GA Wow:     I     just     checked     your     website     and     I learned   so   much   about   what   we   need   to   keep out   pets   safe.   You   are   so   right   "a   sticker   isn't enough".   Keep   up   the   great   work.   And   when you   are   in   the   market   for   pet   supplies   check us      out.      Can’t      wait      to      get      your      book. Dixiepets.com All    pet    owners    should    have    a    copy    of    your book.        It    is    a    complete,    accurate    book    of important   information.      You   did   a   professional job...complete    and    accurate.    Pet    lover,    J ean Purcell , Richmond Hill GA This   is   amazing   book.   You   did   a   great   job...this book   is   packed   with   information.      God   Bless, Sandy Glendye Very    knowledgeable    and    care    great    for    all pets.    “5    Stars”    Camy    knows    a    lot    about    all types   of   pets   and   her   new   book   on   pet   safety is   a   great   asset   for   any   pet   owner.   June   Hull, Cat lover, GA This   is   a   great   product   for   all   pets   regarding their    safety.    A    must    for    pet    owners.    I    have their   Pet   Safety   Guide   and   it   has   taught   me   so much    on    how    to    keep    my    home    pet    safe. Every    concerned    pet    owner    should    have    a copy. Delisa Knighton, Teacher Albany, GA If   you   love   your   pet   and   you   worry   about   your pets   safety,   you   should   get   this   book.   I   can   see a   lot   of   hard   work   and   effort   went   into   this product    to    hep    us    keep    our    pets    save.    J oe Lavin, Young Town, AZ
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